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Purpose of leak testing is to know unacceptable problems in a piping system. If there have this kind of leak problems over the hdpe pipes, they manifest themselves may leak or rupture. Leak test realizable if necessary, in the contract specifications of testing carried out in various ways for the leak on polyethylene pipes. Internal pressure test requires filling a non-flammable liquid or gaseous test sample, then a pressure medium. HD PE Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Test with water is most of the preferred and recommended method for. Other tests may include paired internal procedures or the last test individual connections pressure plugs or portions or the Initial Service Test.
Connecting places of the polyethylene pipes can be exposed to allow controlled leakage. As an example the water preferred as test medium less energy is unfolding if the test sample of catastrophic failure. During a pressure testing on pe pipes applied stress tested section. Test environment and the compressed gas, then the gas is compressed and absorbs energy when applying stress to the hdpe pipeline. If a catastrophic problems occurs pipeline stress energy and gas compression energy is released suddenly. However, an incompressible fluid, such as the assay medium, such as water is the energy required just to leave the stress of the hdpe pipeline.


HDPE Piping which is under test must be measured before, if not restrained against movement in the case of sudden uncontrolled breakage. Expansion joints you need a temporary moderation, isolated or removed during the pressure test of piping. It made in the test system on pipe size limiter test section is determined by the capacity of the test equipment. Pressurization equipment is too small, it may not be possible to complete the test within the permissible limits of probation.
According to standard of HDPE Pipes testing temperatures must be less than 100 degrees F (38 degrees C). At temperatures above 100 degrees F (38 degrees) still test pressure temperature must be reduced. Before applying of hdpe pressure testing time may be required for the test medium and the test sample to temperature equalize.
Test pressure can be controls by the pump or valve or other devices on the pipeline, or lower pressure rated components. Such components may not be able to with stand the required test pressure, and should be either removed from, or isolated from the section being tested to avoid possible damage to, or failure of these devices. Isolated equipment should be vented.


HDPE Hydrostatic testing usually uses for hdpe water pipelines. Sample of PE pipe to drain completely trapped air care should be filled in the test environment. The highest point in the test sample when filling ventilation may be necessary to clear the air pockets. Ventilation loosening flanges, or using equipment provided holes. Retighten loosened flange before applying the hdpe pipe test pressure. Sample of PE pipe to drain completely trapped air care should be filled in the test environment. The highest point in the test sample when filling ventilation may be necessary to clear the air pockets.


HDPE Pipe Pneumatic testing specifies a pneumatic or hydrostatic tests should not be used unless you authorize the use of alternative tests. Test environment non-flammable and it should be non-toxic. Test pressure for any nonisolated. It must not exceed the maximum allowable hdpe pipe pressure testing. Leaks it can be determined using mild soap solution or other non-destructive leak detection fluid joints admitted. Bubbles indicate leakage. After the leak test of polyethylene pipes, all soap solution or liquid leak detection system must be rinsed with clean water.


In initial services in cases where other types of tests of polyethyelene piping that test practical, acceptable sealing can be proven by normal service, or when the finitial service testing of other equipment. An initial test services for hdpe piping where they can apply for insulation systems or temporary cover is impractical or where control pumps and other equipment the opportunity to know to review system leak before the full-scale operations.


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