Automotive Part Testing

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Automotive Headlamps and Luminaire Testing:

Automotive lighting of vehicles enable drivers to watch the road at night and give indications to pedestrians and fellow drivers in their vicinity about their speed, size and direction. For safety concerns it is quintessential to ensure that they operate properly. We offer comprehensive and reliable tests for head lamps, tail lamps, indicators, reflectors, centre high mount stop lights, warning lights and interior lights in order to ensure their effective functioning and adherence to industry standards.


Battery Testing:

Battery is as important in functioning of a vehicle, as heart is to any living creature. Battery provides power to all electrical components of a vehicle like heart pumps blood to the body. Ascertaining the life expectancy, condition and state of operation of the battery is essential to determine the well-being of the vehicle. We provide all types of battery testing facilities which will not only help determine the life span of the vehicle but also help in prolonging and improving its condition. Our tests also verify that the battery used by car manufacturers adhere to industrial norms and safety standards.

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