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we are not aligned to any organization so you can be sure that you’ll receive impartial testing, analysis and consultancy – a must if you need to confirm to legislation, control quality and support product marketing claims.


everything we do with you is completely confidential. If you prefer, we can set up a Non-Disclosure Agreement between us before we commence any work on your behalf.


our clients tell us time and again that the quality of our testing and consultancy services is what makes us stand out from the crowd – you can trust the accuracy of the test results and the quality of the service that we deliver.

Our Services

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Material Testing that does not destroy the serviceability of the part or the system.​

Soil Testing​

Soil testing to check various parameters like pH, Nitrogen, Potassium, etc. levels.​

Road Material

Various tests to check the quality of road construction Materials

Fuel and Oil

Fuel and oil viscosity, energy and characteristics testing


Paint and pigment testing for different types of paint.


Food testing to evaluate the quality of food and toxins in them


HDPE Pipe quality and strength testing for for various kinds of HDPE pipe types

Building Material Testing​

Test for materials such as aggregates, concrete, masonry, steel, and asphalt.​

Chemical Testing​

Chemical testing to evaluate Quality, Purity, Traces, RoHS, Etc.​

Metals And Alloy

Strength, malleability and corrosion testing for various metals and alloys

Rubber and Polymer

Tests to evaluate rubber and polymer properties


Fertilizer testing to evaluate nutrients available for growing plants

Paper and Packaging

Tests to evaluate paper and packaging quality for different types of paper.

PVC Pipe

PVC pipes quality and strength testing for various PVC Pipe types

Water Testing​

Water testing is a process of evaluating and testing the quality of water.

Automotive Testing

Automotive parts testing for quality assurance and compliance.

Soil And Geotechnical

Soil quality testing for primary use in construction


Environmental tests to evaluate environmental Soil, Water and surroundings


Cloth and textile testing services for various textile types

Industrial Chemical

Ensure quality of chemicals used as raw materials and products manufactured.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Conductivity testing for Metals and Non metals.

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